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The fine art of web presence.

In many ways a website is just like by a brochure that has been brought to life with interactive design elements. To create a great site you first need to plan out what you’re trying to sell, or what your services are. That might sound easy to you, because you are a specialist at what you’re trying to promote, but remember that the key
to a successful website is translating your information into a format which explains your message to someone who knows nothing about what you do. Its also important to consider who will your audience be?

Once you’ve decided on what you want your site to say, its time to look at how it works. What navigation, images, sounds, links and other functions would best suit your site? What would you like people to experience on your site? How will they find their way around? Now that you have the best website that’s ever been designed, how do you attract your audience?

We provide a full web service, from concept and domain registration and hosting, through to creation and earch engine optimisation. Our clients can email content updates direct to their site without needing any specialist  software – all you need is a web browser with an internet connection to keep your content up to date and relevant to your visitors. We can also maintain the site on your behalf. Mish Mash can handle simple designs right through to video, animation, sound, subscription services, mail lists, e-commerce sites and anything else
you might need, unless you’re wanting us to create a Trans-dimensional portal on your website, which might just take a little more research, but then, that’s the art of rocket science…. And we would never shy away from a challenge.


Flash is a programing language. It allows us to create interactive multimedia for websites and applications.

But what does this mean to you? You want a web page that moves and responds to the viewer, which is endlessly interactive in the unlimited sense. You want sounds, bells and whistles. Have a look at one of these sites and experience it for yourself where we can take you with the art of rocket science. MishFlash
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CMS – Content Management System

Over the years websites have traditionally been created with plain html. This leaves clients dependent on designers to upgrade their sites with new content, which makes it very expensive to maintain.
That way of working is so last century. Nowadays the buzzword is CMS. Content management means you can update content on your site using a simple backend interface. We can even set you up so that you can
update your site by email. We like to help our clients become independent in regards to site content. But for those who prefer to focus on their core business and outsource their updates, we recommend our sister company Who Needs A Secretary? – these girls can administrate your website for you if you would rather contract someone else to take care of it.

Video on demand

Probably one of the most requested projects has been video on demand. “Pay per view” is another form of video on demand where a viewer may purchase a viewing of a film or any video. Be it course video lesson, a video introduction to you or your website or product instructions. The video is on your site and does not require on going licensing once it is served up. And if you choose us to serve your domain to the internet there are generous usage allowances (conditions apply) from your domain being hosted on our dedicated international server.

This can be easily tied in with your…


Need a shop? Starting from scratch and don’t know where to start? Through us setting up your fantastic website you are overe the moon. You then decided you wish to capitalise on the amazing web presence. You would like to sell you products online to the world. We can set up a system where it’s just a few clicks to add another product to your store.

Recieve your payments through paypal or most online payment systems.


Need membership? Have you got a client base, club or community that you would like to have extra benefits for joining? Exclusive information like videos or e-books that you would like people to subscribe to, and receive a periodical newsletters etc. ?

Then you need a e-membership system to sign them up to.