Graphic Design

Why is design important to marketing?

Design is a very important element of marketing – and marketing is what brings work to your business. When you think of design you really are thinking about every aspect of life. You can’t go to the fridge or unlock your car, switch on the TV or even go fishing without interacting with highly designed gizmos, gadgets and technologies. Every element of everything we do is designed by somebody for some specific purpose.

Mish Mash creates practical design elements across all media formats, whether that is print, web, television, film, or radio. Even sound has to go through a design process before it can be synced with a visual presentation. To create the right design, we look at what inspires and influences our client’s project. What emotional qualities are they trying to communicate? What colours, techniques, styles and sounds would best match their corporate identity? Sketching out these ideas allows us to flesh out a concept which models our clients needs.

One of the most important aspects of design is the creation of your logo, which is that special marker which makes your business stand out from the crowd. It represents both the business and the business direction. It makes an important statement about what you are trying to achieve, and the values your business might represent. That might be ecological, environmental values, conservative and safe values, risky youthful values, family or commercial values. For example, a financial institution might want to look neat, secure, and stable, while a landscaping business might want to look earthy and organic. A car detailing business might want to look shiny and polished. These are the sorts of things which can be communicated with a good logo and good design.

The name of your enterprise is also an important element of design – as is the marketing campaign for your project. We will discuss how you plan to advertise your message – perhaps that might be through a consistent placement in a certain publication, or a letter box drop in the right place. We will talk with you about how to design your message in such a way that it actually gets read before it goes into the bin. The most important element of design is that your media message must engage with your audience – it can’t just look good, it must function as well.

Budget will also play a part in the design process – if a client can only afford photocopies of their ad then the campaign must be limited to a single colour. It must stand out from all the clutter and rubbish. Design and marketing are like Jack and Jill, they go hand in hand. So it’s not enough to think just of design, it’s important to think also about the practical side of how is this going to be used? This is the same when designing your website – you need to sit down and design the functional aspects of you website– who is the audience, what should it do?