About Us

Mish Mash Multimedia was founded by Jerel Mani in 1995. He started Mish Mash to be an outlet for his creative passion and as a means of extending his work after working for all the major Australian Television Stations. TEN 10, ABC 2, SBS, TCN 9 and SEVEN 7.
Mish Mash has built itself up to a dynamic facility with a sophisticated and unique style.

We are a unique design company with high calibre skills which bring the highest quality to your design projects, from logo design and print publications, through to animation, 2D, 3D, sound design, film production, and corporate videos.

It’s the art of rocket science, and our brief is to fire up that rocket and provide the fuel to get you to your destination, in the most imaginative and fun way possible.

You have a great message to communicate,
but who do you approach to bring your project to life?
You want to create a website that’s much more interactive than the standard paste-up-a-brochure site, but where do you start?
With an illustrator?
A graphic artist?
A website designer?
What if you want to add video do you speak to a video production company or a script writer? Perhaps a sound engineer?
In reality, most multimedia projects require ALL of those specialists. This is why the art of rocket science is a complex and broad subject. If you want to talk with someone who is across all design elements of contemporary production, then Mish Mash is your friend.